Advantages of Coworking


Coworking is more than providing comfortable workspaces. An office is not just a desk and internet anymore.

We offer you a community of forward-thinking, location independent workers. A place to share knowledge and learn new skills. Be more productive and focus under the sun in a relaxed and creative environment.

What we offer:

·         Up to 5 villas of workspaces with 24/7 access

·         300 mbps/300 mbps internet fiber connection

·         Comfortable co-working space

·         Regular community events and meetups

·         Printer, projector and LCD screens

·         Chill out pool area

·         Skype and Conference Room


Advantages of CoWorking at Resonance

·   No Commute: You don’t need to wake up early in the morning, rush to catch the bus and spend hours of your precious time in a traffic jam. The ability to work from where you live can save you a lot of money and time, which you would have otherwise invested in public transport or fueling your own car.

·   It’s Cheaper: Coliving arrangements are much cheaper compared to having to rent a place to live, and then separately pay for a working space which you will have to commute to daily.

·   No Opening Hours: Most shared offices aren’t open 24 hours a day, and if you’re anything like most creatives, the best ideas will always spring up at very odd hours of the night. With a coliving and coworking space you can be up at any time of the day or night to do your thing.

·    Enhanced Productivity: Coliving and coworking spaces allow you to work whenever creativity kicks in or when you’re feeling your most productive. As already mentioned, no need to consider opening hours. Additionally, you have the opportunity to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs which can help fuel and enhance your productivity.

·     It’s Easier: Having everything you need under one roof makes your operations much easier. It gives you an opportunity to organize all the relevant aspects of a location-independent lifestyle.

·     Meet New People: Many individuals who opt for a coworking and coliving lifestyle are outgoing, ready to connect and meet new people. Even if you’re the shy type, living in the same space with other people can encourage you to build relationships and expand your horizons. In addition, you get the feeling of a community around you which you wouldn’t get from staying in a hotel or AirBnb on your own.