Alice Soon

Role:  Cofounder & Marketing Director

Where are you from & where do you currently reside? Alice is originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but has called Toronto, Canada, her home for the last three decades. In 2014, she and her husband made an impulsive 😉 decision to purchase land in Costa Rica and she now divides her time between Canada and Costa Rica.

Personal transformation story: After the financial shock of The Great Recession and the unexpected death of her youngest brother, Alice began questioning her current path. However, it would be another 16 years before the vision and intent of Resonance would take seed.

After graduating from the Schulich School of Business (York University), specializing in Strategic Management and Marketing, Alice has spent nearly two decades working in marketing, promotional advertising and global account management. Eager to satisfy her passion for creative writing, Alice has been a contributor to various publications including: Real Estate Magazine (REM), Real Estate Professional (REP), Inman News and The Costa Rica News. In 2018, she was accepted into the Women’s Executive Network Mentorship program, which pairs with one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women with high potential women together to foster development and growth.

Alice has also been a speaker at various North American conferences such as the Women In Real Estate Conference (Toronto) and the Women’s Council of Realtors (Chicago). She has also been honored by BISNOW as one of the Power Women in Toronto. In 2016, Alice and her husband created their own real estate investment firm: Tesoro Real Estate, to focus on various investment streams.

 Aside from her business activities, in 2015, Alice was serendipitously introduced into the world of crystal healing, where she as been studying for the past 4 years. From 2016 to 2018, she served on the Board of Directors for the Toronto Gem & Mineral Club.

 In order to compliment her healing journey, Alice found herself immersed in other modalities such as herbalism, aromatherapy, meditation, energy healing and shamanism. She has volunteered numerous times at the Dharma Centre of Canada and over the past year, has been actively studying the Andean Sacred Arts of Peru, learning the sacred lineage of the Q’ero Medicine People. She is eager to teach and share what she has learned over the course of her personal transformation and invites those souls who yearn to activate their greatest calling and potential to join us at Resonance.

Why be a part of this Resonance movement? For the past 6 years, Alice has been a real estate expert, both as an investor as well as working closely with various real estate boards and organizations across North America.

However, as time grew, she became dissatisfied with the current model and longed to bridge the healing modalities she had learned, along with a real estate model to create truly connected communities, through this notion of Heal Estate.

 The Resonance Movement became the active embodiment of this vision, as it brings together all the values Alice holds dear: Honoring and preserving the natural environment, building homes and spaces that foster belonging and community, all while living working in respect and love for one another and Mother Earth.

Though “Paradise On Earth” may seem like an illusion - Alice is determined to make it a reality.

What is the 5 year vision for Resonance? To attract, build and create a truly sustainable eco-community based on the values of respect, collaboration and love. To see people engaging in meaningful work that excites them (through our Work Exchange Program or Coworking), living and playing in cohesiveness and delight (through Coliving or owning homes), all within a thriving, self-sustaining ecosystem.

Danny Headshot.jpeg

Daniel Yepez

Role:  Cofounder & Business Development Director

 Where are you from & where do you currently reside? Raised in two countries, Venezuela and the United States, then spending the last 19 years in Costa Rica, Daniel Yepez, has managed to fully understand and embrace both the North, South, and Central American culture. 

Personal transformation story: At the age of eight, Daniel started his entrepreneurial path washing cars with a local friend, Chris Bradley, and advanced to mowing laws in his early childhood.  Daniel grew up between Venezuela and the United States, attending South Florida Military Academy, which encoded a strong sense of structure and discipline.  At 16 years of age, Daniel made the decision to return to the United States on his own to continue his education.  Living by himself and enrolling himself in school, he quickly become a young, responsible, and independent young man.  After graduating from Florida State University, he grabbed the opportunity within the merging markets of Latin America to start what has been three decades of entrepreneurship and business startups in a variety of sectors, such as telecommunications, food and beverage, hospitality, and automotive to name a few.  Because Daniel is passionate about transforming people’s lives, this path continued until today and expanded to consulting businesses, other entrepreneurs, students, governments and (his most rewarding consultations) friends.

 After moving to Costa Rica, he has ventured in different business facets such as real estate and alternative renewable energy.  His accolades include:

-         Business Startups Entrepreneur & Marketer with International Business Management

-         Speaker at Globe Foundation Conference  

-         Speaker at Universidad Nacional of Costa Rica for the Entrepreneurship Program

-         Main Speaker at Jatropha Harvest Experience international biofuel conference.

-         Selected Top 25 Global Energy Entrepreneur by SHELL OIL – 2012

-         Collaborated with Applied Research Associates - On Bio JetFuel for DOD/USAF

-         Lectures at National University UNA on the Entrepreneurship Class Program and of the UNA Incubator Think Tank.

-         Collaborator in the Creation/Foundation of PROMED; Council for the International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine

-         Expert in Energy Efficiency and exclusive manufacturer distributor in Central & South America for LED LIGHTING

-         Government liaison for the Private Sector

-         Producer of the first International Energy Efficiency Conference in Costa Rica - Sept. 30, 2016

-         Waste To Energy Developer 2017

-         Currently involved in Blockchain Technology and Digital Currency since 2016, mining cryptic currencies through Renewable Energy

For the majority of Daniel’s career, his business model has always been based on three factors: 1) Identify the problem, 2) Find the solution, 3) Monetize.  Reflecting on his business ventures, he saw the struggles/Achilles heel for any business venture fell into the human resource area.  His time within the Costa Rican communities and seeing the evolving society, he has come to realize the most important factors are: 1)Identify the team first, 2) then Choose the problem and finally 3) Monetize.

 Daniel approaches life as a continuous stream of opportunities for growth and learning through human interactions and personal exploration. In his quest for sharing a positive, dynamic, and nuanced perspective, he co-founded Resonance.  

 Daniel closest friends refer to him as a joyful human.  They would say he is a hardworking, determined to reach goals and has a great sense of humor and an amazing personality to go with it.  A loyal best friend- he'll never give up on you, and he will be there for you through it all.  He'll make you smile when you're upset and he'll always listen if you need to talk.  He will teach you so much like loving others unconditionally and to always vibrate at the highest version of yourself. 

Why be a part of this Resonance movement? Daniel is naturally a High Vibrating Spirit, so when he discovered depression through the hardship of divorce, he humbly took positive action focusing within.  After defeating that depression, his journey began on the heart-opening path of plant medicine that has transformed his life. He now sees the world in which we live through a new lens. In doing so, he has discovered that our current society structure is damaged, and through a conscious, healthy lifestyle all roads lead to source.  This paradigm shift or new way of thinking has guided his spirit into the most ambitious venture he now believes in, which is to facilitate others, irrespective of their walks in life, to fine-tune their hearts into the frequency that will guide us all to come together on a journey of self discovery, reach mindfulness in every action we create, and elevate each other.

Through the creation of his co-founders, he wishes to emit the beacon of harmony that will resonate with high vibration living.

What is the 5 year vision for Resonance? To create a space and develop the infrastructure where we can all co-live and co-create in an environment that is nourishing and supportive. 

A space where people all over the world can come together in a beautiful environment allowing for expansion, creativity, transformation, lifestyle, unity, health, and balance.


Forest Headshot.JPG

Forest Soleil

Role:  Cofounder & Events Director

Forest came out of the womb with a profound connection to animals. At four years young, she told her parents she was going vegetarian. The savory flavor of hot dogs won out and she tried again at eleven. Eventually it stuck in college and she’s kept a conscious “do no harm, take no shit” lifestyle ever since. 

 Living in Maryland horse country, Forest became an equestrian in elementary school. At age 12, she began working at a local horse barn in exchange for horseback riding lessons. Forest loved any excuse to spend time with horses - mucking stalls, moving bales, pouring feed. Over time, she became known for her ability to connect with rescues who had experienced abuse and ultimately was able to calm and train them as lesson horses for children. 

 At the University of Georgia, Forest studied advertising, sociology and new media. After landing a huge internship at a global ad agency and not feeling the expected excitement, she experienced a mid college life crisis, reflected on ethics in the industry and opted to pursue wedding planning instead. Believing truly great and empathetic film directors have experience behind and before the camera, Forest spent time learning the ins and outs of the industry, gaining firsthand knowledge working for all sorts of event professionals: venue, floral, catering, A/V, entertainment. Concurrently, for years Forest worked at leading wedding planning companies in Atlanta, Georgia, building client and vendor relationships, producing celebrations of love and creatively designing styled photo shoots for major print and online publications. 

Serenbe, a biophilic design community development which the New York Times calls “a utopian experiment in New Urbanism being molded out of Georgia red clay”, quickly became Forest’s favorite venue for hosting her clients’ special events. Her duties as a wedding planner expanded to include scheduling hay rides and farmers market trips for families, golf carting elderly guests between outdoor spaces, coaxing wandering goats back into their pen and arranging fire pit s’mores stations underneath the starlit sky. Forest loved working with the jaw-droppingly talented in-house floral designer who grew flowers on the land and taught Forest just how much the conventional model of the events industry affects the environment. It was here at Serenbe, stewarding the land, learning alternative ways of living and inspiring wedding guests to connect with the nature that Forest began dreaming of someday building an intentional eco village. 

Flash forward to the current moment. Forest has 10+ years of experience in event planning, talent booking, PR and marketing producing award winning experiences for Fortune 500 companies, tech startups, 501(c)(3) non-profit fundraisers, concerts, transformational festivals, luxury clients, weddings, honeymoons and retreats. She’s a globe traveler with a penchant for visiting off grid alternative lifestyle communities and taking notes on what is working and what could be improved upon. Forest has called the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’ Austin, Texas home for the past five years. In this dynamic city she’s grown immensely, founding Listen ATX, a non-profit that produces house concerts and underground shows to support emerging musicians, becoming certified as an authentic relating facilitator and studying healing modalities like herbalism, storytelling and sound. Forest started one of the world’s only conscious green event planning companies The Green Planner, where she specializes in producing intentional gatherings, wellness retreats and eco friendly events. Forest is over the moon grateful that the path has now taken her to Costa Rica as the Events Director for the Resonance Movement, where she will continue her mission of creating experiences that inspire us to connect to self, community and the natural world.

Terra Headshot.jpg

Terra Entheos

Role:  Cofounder & Community Director

Where are you from & where do you currently reside? Terra is originally from Canada and moved with her husband and eldest son to Costa Rica to have their second son.  They have lived in Costa Rica for 6 years.  

Personal transformation story: Terra is a mother of three with a passion for lifelong learning, spiritual expansion, and practical integration. After completing university she decided to backpack around the world for two years to really put her education to use.  After 27 countries and many wild stories she returned to Canada to invest her energy in supporting people in crisis and transition. For years she facilitated suicide intervention training, as well as, being a certified community resource specialist able to help someone navigate the complex network of social services.  Her experience in the crisis field led her to understanding many societal problems are a barrier to wellness. Terra was a founding member of a transformational dance community called ARCA (Actualize Resonant Collective Awareness)Tribe in Edmonton, Canada.  She produced quarterly events, festivals, and retreats to honor the solstices and equinoxes.  This desire to initiate change within the social fabric led her to community organizing and working towards building on common interests between multi-stakeholder groups to affect positive social and environmental change.  After a disheartening loss in a local farmland campaign, the growing family decided to move to Costa Rica.  This was an opportunity to deep dive into a much needed restart.  It has been an ongoing journey of reflection and integration over the last six years of living in a foreign country, becoming residents, having two home birth babies abroad, learning a new language, navigating bureaucracies, schools, starting businesses, and working for Envision Festival in a myriad of roles.  The future looks bright for this family as they ground their intentions for a better world by serving the land which they have been called to steward and inspiring those feeling the call of Resonance in their hearts.  Terra is ecstatic to be co-creating a magical playground of inspiration and transformation. 

Why be a part of this Resonance movement? Terra’s vision for Resonance is to see it become a self-sustaining demonstration center and village where people of all walks, ages, races can live in harmony with themselves, each other and the planet. Where needs are met collectively and people are thriving because of a commitment to collaboration, deep listening, and respect for all life. 

What is the 5 year vision for Resonance? That the Resonance movement has spread to other countries and people are co-working, co-living and collectively co-creating their dream life that is in balance with the earth.  That we are hosting life changing retreats, immersions, and internships through our commitment to life long learning and personal development.  The focus of Resonance is on service, reciprocity and inspiring others to be the change.