The earth has provided us everything that we need in our life. Historically we lived in union with the ebbs and flow of the living planet. We once lived in harmony and understood the language of nature.

 Now we are accustomed to the concrete jungles and disconnected through forms of technology that is separating us in some ways and connecting us in others. We live in a digital age with information at our fingertips. As we have accelerated in some aspects we have also lost touch and are now searching for a modern and traditional union to take place.

 We can’t go backwards into the dark ages, it is up to us to find the answers to the modern twist that we face. It is up to us to do the work and stand our ground for the future of our generations to come.

 There is hope but the answers lie within. If you have come here then you must do the work, for we can show you the door that can help you to get where you need to be and shine a light to a future worth living, but it is you that must pass through the opening.  

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With the opening of consciousness that is happening amongst people it is important more than ever to be grounded and anchored in practices of discernment. You are born with freewill and that leaves you responsible for your actions and inactions.

Learning the art of self awareness is vital in following a path to healing. With the modern world capitalising on the new ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ trend that is rising now more than ever it is important to do your research and ask questions. Fools tread where angels fear to fly, and this has become so of the medicine community. With the flood of hype to partake in a medicine journey it is our responsibility at Resonance to ensure that safety, respect to the medicine and responsibility to educate people is a vital part to our duty of care.

Finding space holders that understand this truth and exercise strong discipline in the way that medicine is served is our duty but it is also our right to turn away those that are not taking this gift wisely or for egotistic means.  

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It is not always easy to take the leap of faith that is necessary in finding our path and purpose. From the outside it can look like a lot of closed doors with real stress and unease in the challenges of a modern life and the judgments that are placed upon us in following our soul.

For a lot of people they are suffering in silence with all forms of discomfort in the world around us. Medicine is not a bandaid, it is not to be taken to bypass the hidden truth that is awaiting in the shadows. Our greatest darkness is equivalent to our greatest light, and this is true in loving ourselves, our past and the pain. It is only through finding our way through the things we find the hardest to look at that the healing can begin.

Everyone has experienced heartache and loss. It is these experiences that unite us in the healing that takes place. Sharing experiences makes us realise we are not alone in our pain and that we can mend and grow the parts of us to feel whole again. In order to find peace and harmony you must be willing to be vulnerable and open to yourself so that you can see the greatness that lies within.

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When the medicine is done it has really only just begun. The test lies in who you are when you live your life and integrate what has happened.

We are our greatest demon and so it is important to find places and spaces to keep on checking in. Do what is necessary to keep yourself in check. You might need to implement routines like healthy eating, exercise, meditation and mindfulness to approach post medicine life. All of this will be practiced in your stay with Resonance and it is important for you to keep it going in order to stay clear.

You can always ask for help especially when times are not favourable. Finding people and tools to lighten the load and help you during times of need is recommended. Resonance will have trained practitioners on hand and via online so that you can keep feeling supported and nurtured through your life path.

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