Forest Soleil

Role:  Cofounder & Events Director

Forest came out of the womb with a profound connection to animals. At four years young, she told her parents she was going vegetarian. The savory flavor of hot dogs won out and she tried again at eleven. Eventually it stuck in college and she’s kept a conscious “do no harm, take no shit” lifestyle ever since. 

 Living in Maryland horse country, Forest became an equestrian in elementary school. At age 12, she began working at a local horse barn in exchange for horseback riding lessons. Forest loved any excuse to spend time with horses - mucking stalls, moving bales, pouring feed. Over time, she became known for her ability to connect with rescues who had experienced abuse and ultimately was able to calm and train them as lesson horses for children. 

 At the University of Georgia, Forest studied advertising, sociology and new media. After landing a huge internship at a global ad agency and not feeling the expected excitement, she experienced a mid college life crisis, reflected on ethics in the industry and opted to pursue wedding planning instead. Believing truly great and empathetic film directors have experience behind and before the camera, Forest spent time learning the ins and outs of the industry, gaining firsthand knowledge working for all sorts of event professionals: venue, floral, catering, A/V, entertainment. Concurrently, for years Forest worked at leading wedding planning companies in Atlanta, Georgia, building client and vendor relationships, producing celebrations of love and creatively designing styled photo shoots for major print and online publications. 

Serenbe, a biophilic design community development which the New York Times calls “a utopian experiment in New Urbanism being molded out of Georgia red clay”, quickly became Forest’s favorite venue for hosting her clients’ special events. Her duties as a wedding planner expanded to include scheduling hay rides and farmers market trips for families, golf carting elderly guests between outdoor spaces, coaxing wandering goats back into their pen and arranging fire pit s’mores stations underneath the starlit sky. Forest loved working with the jaw-droppingly talented in-house floral designer who grew flowers on the land and taught Forest just how much the conventional model of the events industry affects the environment. It was here at Serenbe, stewarding the land, learning alternative ways of living and inspiring wedding guests to connect with the nature that Forest began dreaming of someday building an intentional eco village. 

Flash forward to the current moment. Forest has 10+ years of experience in event planning, talent booking, PR and marketing producing award winning experiences for Fortune 500 companies, tech startups, 501(c)(3) non-profit fundraisers, concerts, transformational festivals, luxury clients, weddings, honeymoons and retreats. She’s a globe traveler with a penchant for visiting off grid alternative lifestyle communities and taking notes on what is working and what could be improved upon. Forest has called the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’ Austin, Texas home for the past five years. In this dynamic city she’s grown immensely, founding Listen ATX, a non-profit that produces house concerts and underground shows to support emerging musicians, becoming certified as an authentic relating facilitator and studying healing modalities like herbalism, storytelling and sound. Forest started one of the world’s only conscious green event planning companies The Green Planner, where she specializes in producing intentional gatherings, wellness retreats and eco friendly events. Forest is over the moon grateful that the path has now taken her to Costa Rica as the Events Director for the Resonance Movement, where she will continue her mission of creating experiences that inspire us to connect to self, community and the natural world.