Daniel Yepez

Daniel Yepez

Founder Of Gnosis & The Costa Rica News Daniel Yepez

Grounded and honest Daniel Yepez has taken the shadow of his journey in life to be the masterpiece of his own light.

The world is opening up and is searching for ways to find the path ahead through illness and purpose and this Venezuelan born soul has taken a journey only most would dream about.


Daniel’s work life experience includes being selected by Shell Oil as one of the top 25 global energy entrepreneurs for his involvement in cutting edge biofuel programs developing biodiesel feed stock for the energy markets in 2012. He’s also involved as a university lecturer in the University Of Costa Rica on the entrepreneurship class and part of the think tank incubator for UNA university national. Daniel’s very happy and high vibrational outlook all his life has been a testament to his success until one life-changing experience changed his direction. It was a sudden divorce that threw Daniel into one of the darkest moments in his life but was the activation point in his rebirth to come and now affects millions in its step.

  Daniel admits that he didn’t understand the debilitation that mental health had on people due to the fact that he has never experienced it in his life and thought it was a choice like a switch that could be turned off. Daniel combated deep depression for 3 months during his divorce and was determined not to take western medication due to its affects. Daniel was fortunate enough to have a friend that opened him up to the plant medicine world in Costa Rica and believes that due to its assistance journeying through the DMT, has worked to assist the pineal gland to activate the antenna connecting us to the source of everything changing his life and his path towards service to others.

  Daniel founded The Costa Rica News in 2007, which has now over 65K+ subscribers around the world cross-pollinating on all social media platforms. The roots and voice of Costa Rica include topics encompassing culture, environment, technology, economics, society, politics and health. In a bid to create relevant content that is ahead of the times sharing positive, dynamic and nuanced perspectives on world affairs Daniel is committed to keeping its readers on the pulse with what is growing under the forest beds of tropical paradise Costa Rica.

Daniel’s purpose in life to create transformation in communities worldwide has been helping people to live from their deepest heart. As Gnosis grows and expands Daniel constantly moves to aspire through new levels of personal altered state. It is with humility and gratitude for this place we call earth that this mission has become his home for shining his light to the world and others to follow.  

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Natashia Steenkamp

Natashia Steenkamp

Founder Of Follow Your Bliss Costa Rica & Mama Africa Medicine Natashia Steenkamp

Tish is a retreat specialist, curating transformational experiences internationally that cultivates awakening and healing.

 Originally from South Africa, she now calls Costa Rica her home and for the past 5 years have been producing health & wellness retreats, coordinating  YTT programs and plant medicine ceremonies. Tish is an extraordinaire when it comes to coordinating and working with talent and influencers.

She has been fortunate to have lived in multiple countries and traveled around the world exploring different healing practices. She journeyed to Peru where she completed her RYS 200H yoga and meditation certification to deepen her connection to self. She studied ancient healing techniques with elders from Guatemala to Colombia and shares a variety of medicine creating safe containers for a deeper exploration to one’s true Self.

An awakener of the Bliss body and a leader in emerging Feminine consciousness she brings her gifts forward to help humans transcend blocks, balance energy and activate a healthy mind, body spirit relationship through embodiment and intentional living. She reminds her students that personal growth is not only powerful and self elevating, but also has the potential to be fun and joyfully integrated into everyday living.

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Kassandra Scardino

Kassandra Scardino

Founder Of The Temple Australia & Creator Of Point Of Light Crystal Therapy Kassandra Scardino

Kassandra Scardino is the Vision Director of The Temple Surry Hills founded in May 2016. The Temple is a place that hosts conscious community events and workshops in esoteric, metaphysical, wellbeing and shamanic new age threads.


Born and raised in down under Sydney, Australia Kassandra is more than what meets the eye. Although far away from traditional teachings of the shamanic and esoteric nature this was the journey that Kassandra had been destined to embarked on.

 Kassandra jokes that her ‘previous life’ as a designer was nothing like the life she has now, having been in Australian Fashion Week and gaining interest with international buyers she lost her fashion label (and ego) to the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, but gained the true path and purpose to her life.

 Born with empathic abilities Kassandra unlocked her potential after studying Pranic Healing, developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and becoming a full time energetic healer in 2011.

 Kassandra works as a psychic, energy healer, crystal teacher, spiritual coach and facilitator having travelled to Melbourne and Byron to host workshops and events of her own and others including internationally recognized teacher Dr Robert Gilbert. In early 2018 her modality Point Of Light Crystal Therapy (POLCT) was accredited internationally. POLCT is a bio-energetic transfer medium that rewires cellular memories in the human matrix resolving an array of conflicts within peoples live with phenomenal results.

 Kassandra is working to create a common mission of health, abundance, sustainability and wellbeing within the community and a beacon for those seeking assistance on this journey towards a New Earth paradigm shift. It is Kassandra’s vision to bring back the traditional ways with a modern adaptation that is embodying a lifestyle choice and social awareness that will reach the masses in the hopes of it creating a blueprint for the next generations to follow.