Origins - The Resonance Movement



Envisioned as a seed from the minds of many.

A place to gather, create, inspire and grow.

To learn, laugh and love.

Eventually to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Feasting on the cornucopia of our Earth Mother’s abundance.

Inspired by a desire to create a space for those already awakened and looking to integrate that awakening, as well as to those on the precipice of a new perception of the world, Resonance took shape.   

We are a team of seekers, strategists and solutionaries. Looking for opportunities to expand our skill sets, minds, hearts and ability to hold space for others to experience a life of balance, joy, and collaboration.

Beauty, comfort, and luxury were created in the tree-towering hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the Nicoya peninsula.  62 villas and 3 pools await you in Playa Lagarto.  Many beautiful homes have been built in the various phases of this 1,000-acre development.  There are many ways to play amidst the natural beauty.  Coworking, coliving, and work exchange opportunities await. We dreamed of how we could bring this feeling of synergy to others.  How we could create a place for many to live the life of their dreams.  Where someone could meet a possible business or life partner, connect and create lifelong friendships, and share special memories that they will treasure forever. From this magical space Resonance: High Vibration Living was conceived.

The future vision is to masterplan a permacultural development that is focused on regenerative design and inspired by nature.  With the values of people care, earth care and fair share intertwined, we believe this can be achieved while still enjoying our own unique and comfortable space. (This allows us to cultivate the most important relationship - that one with ourselves.)  It is designed by careful needs-analysis and guided by Gaia. Where the honor for our role as Earth Stewards inspires our actions. There will be playgrounds, climbing walls (made from recycled plastic from the community’s waste), bike and hiking trails, horseback riding, surfing, ecstatic dance, retreats of all varieties, fire circles, festivals, a local farmer’s market, farm to table restaurant, an apothecary, health and wellness facilities, and an integrated learning environment and school for all ages.  

From our deepest heart space may we invite the Resonance Movement to resonate globally. To places and spaces carefully curated for transformation and inspiration, to elevating humankind to understand the gift of reciprocity - of giving and receiving, of BEEing in harmony with all our relations.